Is It Legal To Play Fantasy Baseball For Money?

Playing fantasy baseball can be quite profitable for those who are successful. New websites allow for money to be won, which has expanded the types of fantasy baseball leagues available. But the big underlying question is whether or not betting on fantasy baseball is legal? There are ways to bet on sports, despite the fact that it is largely banned in the United States. Is fantasy baseball different?

In a simple word, yes. Wagering on fantasy baseball is legal for users to participate. The websites that offer real-money betting are allowed to operate in the United States, which is a distinct difference from online sportsbooks.

Betting On Games vs. Fantasy Baseball For Cash

Legislation that bans sports betting online does not include fantasy sports. In fact, fantasy sports are specifically excluded. The Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act and the Federal Wire Act are the two most-relevant federal laws that cover online betting. With wagering on fantasy sports still legal under these stipulations, it has allowed for U.S. websites to operate in the country.

Safe & Legal Fantasy Baseball Websites That Can be Trusted

After establishing the fact that betting on fantasy baseball is legal, it's important to understand the types of bets and websites that allow for it. When visiting a fantasy sports betting site, the chances are that several sports will be available. Baseball plays a large role in the fantasy sports world because it is the second-most popular to football. But what it has over football is that the season is longer and more games are played.

This left a window of opportunity for betting sites to come up with new ideas to give users a chance to make money legally. What came of it was the chance to participate in daily and weekly fantasy baseball leagues.

A daily fantasy baseball league allows for users to join in on the action at any point in the season, and play for as long as they want. Users are able to make a profit and cash out daily, which strays from a traditional fantasy baseball league.

The concept of a traditional draft-based fantasy baseball league and making money there is alive and well also. Websites allow for users to buy into a league and profit legally.

These specifics of how much can be won + how the bets can be made are different at each website. The sites will have their own parameters no how they operate. The good news though is that they are within the confines of the law.

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Why Is Fantasy Baseball Not Considered Gambling?

Under the law, betting on fantasy baseball is defined as a skill. The platform of fantasy sports relies on the formation of teams that relates to performances. Because one bet is not being made on one player, federal law does not define fantasy sports as gambling. As long as fantasy baseball remains a skill in the eyes of the law, real-money bets can be made legally.

Can I Get In Trouble For Betting On Fantasy Baseball?

Fact, wagering money on fantasy baseball will not get you in trouble. Fact, working at or operating a fantasy baseball betting site won't get you in trouble either. Another fact, users only need to worry about meeting the minimum age to legally own one of the methods of deposit a fantasy baseball website uses - you would NEVER want to use someone else's credit or debit card with authorization either! Failure to do so will result in a potential penalty for both the user + website operator.

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