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One thing that has increased the interest behind the Major League Baseball season has been the addition of daily fantasy baseball which supplements the complicated, traditional fantasy baseball leagues most are familiar with. Similar to the effect that fantasy football has had on the NFL, fantasy baseball allows fans to become more involved with players from their favorite teams, as well as (and perhaps more importantly) players from teams they would not typically follow. Fantasy MLB baseball is that reason and with that being said, more websites than ever provide users the opportunity to create fantasy baseball teams, and in many cases win real money in the process.

There are two types of baseball sites that offer fantasy baseball, of which explains them. Both have their advantages, and their separate ways in which they operate to give interested parties a couple different options. Or for those who might be interested in checking out both that is certainly a viable option as well. You'll come to find out that the two different types of websites have traditional MLB fantasy leagues, and daily/weekly MLB fantasy betting leagues. But before we jump into that, let us show you our best option and if that doesn't work for you, keep reading to see about the other options.

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The Best Overall Website For Betting On Fantasy Baseball

FanDuel - Daily MLB Fantasy Games For All Stakes Levels

The industry leader in fantasy sports betting, and provides users with a great opportunity to bet on MLB. Users will have the opportunity to create their teams and put them to the test in free leagues and money leagues. FanDuel has thousands of users that play in tournaments every month. There will be a league for every type of player throughout the baseball season.

One of the neat features is the access through the mobile site as well. FanDuel is compatible with many mobile devices. With the frequency of leagues (especially in MLB), this ensures that users will always have the ability to join a tournament where ever they are. There is no need to be in front of a computer. FanDuel is very generous with welcome bonuses and other contests with their account holders throughout the year as well. This includes being home to the 'world largest fantasy baseball contest.' Be sure to check out our full review of FanDuel for even more information.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Can I Win Playing Fantasy Baseball?

The general premise of winning is the same with any fantasy sports; you want to score the highest point total. But with fantasy betting, you do not have to win everything to get paid out. In fact, sometimes just having a high finish will be enough to profit significantly. But the amount of money won by a user depends on the types of tournaments that they enter plus the frequency of which they play. Tournaments will have a variety of entry fees, which all goes towards the purse of the specific league. There can be a $5 entry fee with 1,000 players where the winner gets $1,000 or more. Or it can be a $5 entry fee with 25 players where the purse would be significantly less.

Can I Try Fantasy Baseball For Free?

There are definitely ways in which users can play for free at both types of sites. There is no obligation whatsoever to play for money even at the betting sites. Those websites will also offer free leagues for those who want to play without risking money. But the option is always there to lay down money on a league. Regardless of whether or not a user plays for money, there will be the need to create an account to track teams throughout the season in the various leagues they play in.

Both types of MLB fantasy baseball websites shown below have options to allow users to participate for free. These help first-time MLB fantasy team owners get acclimated to the fast pace that comes with the extended regular seasons commonly found in organized baseball.

More Info About Each Type of Fantasy Baseball Site

Daily Fantasy Baseball Websites

A daily or weekly fantasy betting site takes all the aspects of scoring in Major League Baseball and applies it as such. But what it does that stems away from a season-long journey is that it breaks it up into a bunch of seasons. Users at a daily league are able to form a team specific to that day, enter into many different tournaments, and win real money. Teams are not drafted in the traditional sense where one team will have one specific player. All players are open to every team no matter when they fill out their roster for the day or the week.

The thing that a daily and weekly fantasy betting site will advocate is that there is no season-long commitment. Users can come and go as they please and jump in on the action whenever they want to do so. This frees up a user who might be interested in playing fantasy baseball, but doesn't like the idea of having to keep up with it day-in and day-out. It is a much larger responsibility than keeping up with a fantasy football roster where your players take the field once a week. In baseball, players can have four or five games per week. With daily and weekly fantasy betting sites, this is a non-issue because users can play at will.

Draft Based Fantasy Baseball Leagues Online

The course of the Major League Baseball season extends over several months as teams compete in 162 games. Beginning in the first part of April and lasting through the beginning of October, baseball players are exposed to a grueling stretch of games and travel. What this means for fantasy baseball is that there is not a more active fantasy owner in any sport. With baseball having twice the number of regular season games than any professional league, users that participate are doing daily updates to ensure there lineups are in order.

At the beginning of each season a draft takes place where the teams are decided and the league is set. The team is managed by the fantasy baseball owner as they try to accumulate points through a variety of stats. Just like there are more games in MLB, there are more ways to get points as well.

A traditional fantasy baseball site allows the user to manage their teams throughout the length of the league. There is the chance to play for cash and prizes depending on any package that is bought by the league at the start. There is also typically a buy-in and payout to the winner, though this is done outside of the site in most cases.

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